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Removal of an IRS Wage Garnishment or State Tax Levy

irs wage garnishmentA wage garnishment is type of tax levy imposed by the government in an attempt to recover back taxes. It can be imposed without a court order. When the IRS or State Tax Agency files a wage garnishment, it directs your employer to begin deducting a predetermined amount from your paycheck and to forward that amount to them. Your employer has no choice but to follow the directive. The dollar amount of a wage garnishment depends on the amount of the tax debt together with your filing status, the number of exemptions you claim and how often you get paid. Since we know you depend on your entire salary, we will negotiate directly with the IRS to halt a garnishment while a tax liability is investigated and resolved.

Important things to know about State and IRS wage garnishments:

  • Act Fast!  Once you receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, you generally have 30 days to resolve your tax issues before your wages can be garnished.
  • Unless the state or IRS wage garnishment is removed, it will continue until your taxes are paid in full.
  • The State Tax Agencies and the IRS both have the power to garnish wages, often leaving the subject of the garnishment in a difficult financial situation.

The good news is that most IRS wage garnishments and state tax garnishments can be removed.  Our CPAs and Enrolled Agents work to simultaneously remove the garnishment and settle the tax issue that caused the problem in the first place.


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