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amend tax returnSuppose you realize you or your tax preparer made a mistake in filing a prior year’s return or that you missed an important deduction that would have resulted in a refund or a reduction in your tax liability? Maybe that miss was a tax credit, a deduction, a change in filing status or an adjustment to your income due to an uncalculated loss.

With so many potential credits and deductions, you need an expert with professional knowledge and experience to determine which ones apply to you. By law, you can amend tax returns within three years from the date of the original return or within two years from the date a tax was paid, whichever is later.

At Professional Tax Resolution, we review your prior returns to identify additional deductions and adjustments. To determine if you need to amend tax returns, Professional Tax Resolution will review your previous returns and determine if your filing status, missed credits, or missed deductions caused you to overpay. The filing of an amended tax return is sometimes the simplest and most cost effective way to substantially reduce an outstanding tax liability.

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