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Tax Settlement

Our licensed tax professionals are specialists in the area of tax debt resolution. We provide fast and permanent relief from the consequences of having an outstanding tax liability by removing liens, halting wage garnishments and stopping the accrual of penalties and interest. The end result will always be negotiation of the best tax settlement agreement possible for your specific set of financial circumstances.

Audit Defense

If your tax return is selected for an IRS audit, our team of licensed tax professionals, which includes former IRS auditors, will provide you with the expert audit defense you are looking for. Our CPAs and Enrolled Agents have extensive experience with the audit process and have successfully represented hundreds of cases before the IRS, often with no additional tax owed.

Tax Preparation

In addition to providing tax resolution services, our licensed CPAs provide professional tax preparation services to both business and individuals. Aside from preparing routine returns, we handle any and all special tax filings including filing back tax returns and amending prior returns which may result in the prevention or resolution of current or future tax debt issues.

Tax Consulting

Because our licensed tax professionals are specialists in a variety of areas, they have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide expert tax consulting and planning services to both businesses and individuals. In this capacity, we help our clients develop effective tax planning strategies designed to make maximum use of the available provisions of the tax code to reduce the total amount of taxes owed.

Don’t Let Tax Liabilities Ruin Your Life!

Is the IRS demanding full payment for unpaid taxes? Have you received an IRS Notice of Deficiency or a State Notice? Is there a lien against your property or have your wages been garnished?

The Professional Tax Resolution team, which has over 100 years of combined tax settlement experience, can help relieve your tax problems in as little as 24 hours. Don’t be afraid of the IRS – we can quickly identify the source of your tax problems and make your tax issues go away forever.

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"Our staff consists of licensed CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other certified tax professionals. We have many years of combined experience working both for and with the IRS. This is what sets us apart from other tax resolution firms and ensures you that you will get the tax settlement results you are looking for."

Troy Barnett,
CPA, President and Owner