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Back Taxes Help & Delinquent Returns

back taxes helpWhen a client is the subject of  IRS or State collection activity due to back taxes, the first step is to stop the collection process. This is true whether it is a wage garnishment, a tax lien, a tax levy or other enforcement effort.

The next step of our resolution process is to determine where the outstanding tax debt originated. Outstanding IRS or State tax debts are very often based on incorrectly filed or unfiled tax returns. (   Filing of all delinquent returns or amending incorrectly filed returns is often the fastest and easiest way to settle a tax debt or substantially reduce the amount of the obligation.

We only begin to look at a client’s ability to qualify for one of the various tax settlement options after we verify the amount of back taxes owed is correct.  By looking at available settlement options including Installment Agreements, Offers in Compromise and Penalty Abatement we are able to settle most of our cases for an amount significantly less than the originally reported tax debt.

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