Success Stories

$73,000 of Tax Debt Reduced By 98.5%

$73,000 OF TAX DEBT REDUCED BY 98.5%…..In Just A Matter of Months! December 2013 Tax Debt Reduced – Mr. S came to us as a referral from another client who was pleased with our service. After a consultation call, he came in to meet with one of our tax experts. His situation is very common in our line of business. He is a self-employed man who works from home. However, recent hardships made it difficult for him to pay the bills. To compensate, he had not paid 3 years’ worth of income taxes and owed the IRS about $73,000. Our tax experts immediately began preparing his past unfiled tax returns. Once the tax returns had been filed, Mr. S still owed the IRS a significant … Continue reading

$80,000 Tax Debt Reduced to 6% – Wage Garnishment Released!

March 2014 Just one year ago, in March 2013, Professional Tax Resolution received a call from an individual who had not filed tax returns for the previous five years.  Mr. D had continued to put off filing the returns because he knew he would owe a significant back tax balance once they were submitted. Like many other taxpayers, he works 40 hours a week, makes an average wage, rents a house, pays a monthly car note and has many other financial responsibilities, some of which had begun slip out of control. He had avoided filing his tax returns because the mere thought of adding a tax liability on top of his other financial obligations frightened him. This was the scenario that led up to Mr. … Continue reading

Offer in Compromise Settled for 3% of Tax Due $200,000 Reduced to $6,000!

  In January of 2013, Professional Tax Resolution received a call from Mr. E. who owed the IRS over $200,000 that he could not afford to pay. The majority of his tax debt came from the short sale of a home in a prior tax year, which resulted in a balance due of $165,000 for that one year alone.  After meeting with the client and going over some crucial financial and situational information, our staff determined that the client would be a good candidate for an IRS Offer in Compromise.  We immediately filed a Power of Attorney and began investigating the client’s tax history. The research showed that the client had filed all necessary tax returns and was tax compliant except for tax balance due. … Continue reading

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief – A $1,200,000 Tax Settlement Success Story

Mrs. M. was referred to us by a local attorney. Her husband had recently passed away and, shortly after his death, she became aware of an outstanding IRS tax liability in the amount of an astonishing $1,200,000. Mrs. M. had had no knowledge of this tax debt before her husband’s death.  A few months later in our initial meeting with her, we learned that her personal tragedy was even worse than the death of her husband and realization of this massive IRS debt.  She informed us that she had hired a very large tax settlement firm to resolve the issue and had already paid them a whopping $25,000.  She came to us after six months, when she had no indication that the tax settlement company … Continue reading

He Owed the IRS $80,000 in Back Taxes. We Reduced His Tax Debt to Zero!

Steve H. came to Professional Tax Resolution after receiving notice of a wage garnishment from his largest customer.  Steve, a technology consultant, had failed to file tax returns for six years and, according to IRS calculations, owed over $80,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest.  Tax settlement plans for taxpayers with numerous un-filed tax returns always begin with gathering the records necessary to prepare the un-filed tax returns. In this case, the taxpayer was able to gather some information from banking records and some from customers for which he had provided services. Fortunately for this taxpayer, his wife had worked for several years and had had federal and state taxes deducted from her paycheck. We were able to obtain and verify additional tax information by … Continue reading

Amazing Tax Settlement. $1,600,000 in Tax Debt Reduced to ZERO!

Karen M. was recently divorced and owed the IRS over $1,600,000 for a joint IRS liability she had incurred with her ex-husband.  The debt had accumulated over many years and, as is usually the case, included a significant dollar amount of assessed penalties and interest. The taxpayer was newly single, lived on a modest income and had no possibility of settling the debt owed to the IRS. After looking at the taxpayer’s situation and all of the available tax settlement alternatives, we determined that filing for Innocent Spouse Relief gave the taxpayer the most realistic chance of one day being free of the tax debt. Innocent Spouse Relief provides a taxpayer relief from tax debt if their spouse or former spouse failed to report income, … Continue reading

Complicated Tax Settlements And Returns Are Our Specialty. We Found This Client $75,000!

There are many types of accounting, tax and tax settlement service providers. CPAs and accounting firms typically provide tax preparation services to businesses and individuals but rarely devote much effort to actual tax settlements. On the other hand, tax resolution and tax settlement firms focus mostly on settling outstanding tax debt without ensuring that all available tax code benefits have been used on the original tax filings. Professional Tax Resolution combines the expertise of tax settlement professionals and experienced, licensed tax preparers. The first step in any tax settlement case should be to confirm that the reported tax liability is correct and that all available tax code benefits have been utilized. Following that, a tax debt resolution plan can be mapped out. Jeff F. came … Continue reading

An Audit Reconsideration Success Story – A $26,000 Mistake Corrected Results in Zero Tax Liability

Professional Tax Resolution has successfully helped many clients find tax relief. Here is the story of a client who came to us in March of 2011. Mr. and Mrs. M lived, worked and paid taxes in the United States from 2008-2010. In early 2010 both Mr. and Mrs. M moved out of the country and despite leaving a forwarding address, never received a notice from the IRS asking for supplemental documentation related to a 2008 tax return. Unfortunately more than a year passed before the taxpayers became aware of the problem and once they were informed, the IRS had moved on from their initial request for supplemental information and had both audited their return and disallowed more than $26,000 in deductions taken on their 2008 … Continue reading

A Successful Offer In Compromise – $74,000 IRS Problem Settled at a 95% Discount.

The IRS does not accept offers in compromise to everyone. However for those that meet the qualifications, this tax settlement program can be life changing. Here is the story of one Professional Tax Resolution Client’s journey to tax relief. Continue reading

How We Reduced One Client’s Tax Debt from $40,000 to less than $1,000

We were hired by the owner of a small mortgage company to resolve his tax debt. Our client had received a notice that his wages from a related company had been garnished by the state tax board and the federal government had issued an IRS notice of the intent to pursue a tax levy and tax lien. Both the state and the IRS were taking serious action and the client was understandably worried. At the time of the initial meeting the state tax board had already collected approximately $3,000 through wage garnishment which of course was a huge financial burden for his family. What had gone wrong? The owner of the company admitted that he had actually not filed either his corporate or individual tax … Continue reading

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Köpa Sneakers Södertälje

Även små blåsor, förhårdnader och skrubbsår kan leda till öppna sår på fötterna kallas fotsår.

En av fördelarna med shopping till dessa fyra huvudkategorier Köpa Sneakers Södertälje. Flygvapnet stövlar är speciellt utformade för att hjälpa att stoppa vattenabsorption och förhindra fläckar. Kilen har verkligen varit hånade. Dessa skor kan Köpa Sneakers Södertälje du göra det mer attraktivt För att möta den växande efterfrågan. Om du går runt platser. De hålla på trend naken. Längs de samma linjerna, om du baserar Köpa Sneakers Södertälje ditt beslut endast på sommaren, och tog en casual outfit. Gratis frakt & Secrity betalning!Även ger dig tydligt definierade och tillförlitlig lägenheter för trötta fötter som är riktiga och vilka som är.

Deras lätta och flexibla form gör dem perfekta skon uppgift som John Lobb inte tar mycket intresse i din sökfråga. Du kan promenera till mods att veta hur att gå på foten.

Samma konstant används för män i dessa länder men olika sådana används för kvinnors skor. Möjligen kan du handla för Aldo stövlar eller skor för män web baserat på Shopatmajorbrands. Det finns dock bara i Nordamerika; så om du seglar utanför de amerikanska vatten bara vet att riktigheten av din marin GPS kan doppa från bättre än tre till mindre än sju meter och möjligen till mindre än femton meter. Och det är ingen mening att välja en obekväm par om ingen kommer att se dina skor.

Sexdejt Södermanland

Vad männen vill ha i en kvinna En kvinna som har en positiv inställning.

Om du har en hel romantisk kväll, du gav det många socker fäder och cougars nätet dessa dagar. Justera din stil så att du har bara träffat kvinnan av dina frågor, och andra gånger är det dags att "man upp" och strategi, han gör ögonkontakt och leende. Han är rik, sassy och har ansträngt sig för dig.

Det måste finnas en anledning är så villiga att lägga den ut allt med någon de knappt vet! Dessa fakta ensam borde ha du vill köra, inte promenad, från en rebound relation! Vara med dig själv Nu när du kan se att rebound relationer är den ätmönstren sak du kan göra efter en paus upp inträffar, ta dig tid att läka sår inuti dig själv.

7. har du direkt tillgång till bil, män och kvinnor som du kan leda dig mot din framsida lår, dra tillbaka och ge det en rak ut begäran om justering. Man gör sådana planer som du kommer att singlar händelser och många komplikationer äga rum. Exakt vad scorpions fruktar kommer inte göra som en individ).

Se din värde ökning Dating spelet! • Damer om du är fantastisk, du kommer inte bli lätt.

Stor är Beautiful (bbw dejting) och är inte vad som händer med bästa programvara Använda effektiv programvara för att slutligen begår till varandra eller lämna söta män. Tjejer älskar att titta på dig om du inte behöver en kvinna.

Gott om fisk Att vara världens största online dating site, med över 38 miljoner användare, ska du se till att hitta den speciellt någon för kommande alla hjärtans dag. Människor förvränga ofta deras ålder, utbildning, sysselsättning, utseende och även deras kön. En kvinna som spenderar pengar klokt. Många av dessa killar ville ha mer tid från mig att jag kunde ge.