Success Stories

Offer in Compromise Resolves $40,000 Tax Debt

Offer in Compromise Resolves $40,000 Tax Debt Mr. J came to Professional Tax Resolution through a referral form a close friend. With a wedding on the horizon, he was looking for a reputable tax resolution firm that could help him clear up his back tax issues in a quick and efficient manner so that he would have a clean slate going into his new marriage. Although the initial contact was though email, Mr. J immediately set up a face to face meeting with our tax professionals. Upon his own admission, he had failed to file his income tax returns for the previous two years because he could not afford to pay the tax balances owed. At the time of our first meeting with him, he … Continue reading

Tax Debt Reduced by Filing Past Due Returns

Tax Debt Reduced Through Filing of Past Due Tax Returns Sometimes resolving a back tax balance is as simple as filing past due tax returns. The case of Mr. P involved just that! When he contacted our office, he had not filed either his corporate tax returns or his personal income tax returns for the last 10 or 11 years. Unsure of how to proceed and fearful of the potential consequences of his negligence, he contacted the tax settlement specialists at Professional Tax Resolutions for advice and help. Our team informed Mr. P that it would be necessary to contact the government immediately in order to collect the specific details necessary to come up with an appropriate plan of action. Among other things, we needed … Continue reading

Franchise Tax Board Assessment Stopped

Franchise Tax Board Assessment Stopped Just one month after finalizing an Offer in Compromise with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. C contacted Professional Tax Resolution with another tax settlement issue. Having successfully settled his federal income tax debt for less than 20% of the initial amount owed, he now needed our services to help with resolving an outstanding tax liability with the State of California. Just prior to contacting our firm for the second time, he had received and official notice from the California Franchise Tax Board informing him that he owed a back tax amount of 80K for tax year 2005. This amount included both penalties and interest that had been compounding over time. Mr. C was both confused and upset when he received … Continue reading

Back Tax Balance Reduced by 80%

Back Tax Balance Reduced by 80% Mr. C was referred to Professional Tax Resolution by a friend who had previously used our services.  Having failed to respond to a Notice of Intent to Audit for tax year 2005, he had recently received an IRS Notice informing him that he owed over 150k in back taxes. On top of this, the IRS had initiated enforced collection activities to collect the tax amounts owed. In desperate need of professional tax settlement help, he contacted our firm. At one time, Mr. C had a flourishing real estate company with offices in three states and a high gross profit. However,once the economy stopped booming, so did Mr. C’s businesses. By the time he contacted our firm, he was barely … Continue reading

Penalty Abatement Used to Resolve Tax Debt

Penalty Abatement Used to Resolve Tax Debt Taxes are so frightening to many Americans that they choose a flight over fight response. Instead of facing their tax filing obligations and back tax issues head on, they choose to avoid them in hopes that they will go away. Unfortunately, this approach does not work in the long run. In addition to accumulating interest charges and late filing and payment penalties, a delinquent taxpayer will eventually be faced with some sort of enforced collection activity by the IRS. Such was the case with Ms. F who avoided filing tax returns for 10 years due to external financial issues. Eventually, the IRS contacted her and informed her that she owed a back tax balance of over 100k! Frightened of the potential consequences of ignoring her … Continue reading

Tax Debt of $200k Settled for $1000!

Tax Debt of $200k Settled for $1000! Mr. W is a self-employed individual and the main provider for his family.  As a member of the construction industry, his income fluctuates with the housing market which was in a downturn for an extended period of time. As a result, he had difficulty generating enough income to meet his minimum monthly expenses and was hit with one late payment notice after another. With all of his attention focused on keeping his family afloat, Mr. W did not file his tax returns for a number of years, thus acquiring a tax debt of over 200K. With a new edition to his family on the way and the IRS breathing down his neck, he was at loss as to what … Continue reading

Tax Debt Settled Using Multi-Step Resolution

Tax Debt Settled Using Multi-Step Tax Resolution Plan A successful tax resolution plan often requires a creative approach that may include a variety of tax settlement methods used in various combinations. Such a plan often begins with an attempt to reduce the amount of the outstanding tax liability though the filing of back tax returns and amended returns. It may also involve an audit defense in the case where an audit has been requested. These initial tax resolution steps are followed by submitting an application for one of the various tax settlement options offered by the IRS or simply negotiating a payment plan to pay off the balance of back taxes owed. The tax settlement case outlined below is one that involved multiple steps in … Continue reading

Offer in Compromise Saves Client Over $95,000!

Offer in Compromise Saves Client Over $95,000! The Offer in Compromise is an excellent tax settlement option for a delinquent taxpayer who meets the specific qualifying criteria set forth by the IRS. Such was the case for Professional Tax Resolution client, Mr. F. Not only did he have an outstanding tax liability, but the specific set of financial circumstances establishing his inability to pay the full amount of his back tax balance fell within the Offer in Compromise parameters set by the IRS. Mr. F, a Hollywood voice over actor, was experiencing some health issues that were having a negative effect on his ability to earn a livelihood. As a result of his constricted financial situation, he was unable to meet his monthly financial responsibilities … Continue reading

Back Tax Issues Resolved Through the Filing of Delinquent Returns

 Back Tax Issues Resolved Through the Filing of Delinquent Returns –  By the time Mr. P contacted Professional Tax Resolution, he had already had multiple years of delinquent tax returns prepared by another tax settlement firm. However, because the returns were sloppily prepared, they showed him owing a sizable back tax balance. While the returns reported income and other basic information, they failed to take into account any expenses that Mr. P had accumulated over the years. As a result, they showed a tax amount due that was far in excess of the amount he would actually owe after the returns were prepared correctly. Luckily for Mr. P, the firm stopped answering their phones and never filed the tax returns they had prepared. Unable to … Continue reading

150k in Trust Fund Penalties and Income Tax Debt Reduced to $1,000

150k in Trust Fund Penalties and Income Tax Debt Reduced to $1,000 Mr. C had multiple financial problems that came together to create a perfect financial storm. In addition to mounting medical expenses associated with a serious chronic health issue, he had numerous financial problems were the result of failing to meet his business tax responsibilities. In addition, failing to file income tax returns for the past seven years, his business had been improperly paying their payroll taxes. Hoping to crawl out of what amounted to a complete financial disaster, Mr. C contacted Professional Tax Resolution for assistance. During the initial phone consultation with one of our tax professionals, Mr. C informed us he had not filed tax returns for the previous seven years. He … Continue reading

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