An Audit Reconsideration Success Story – A $26,000 Mistake Corrected Results in Zero Tax Liability

Professional Tax Resolution has successfully helped many clients find tax relief. Here is the story of a client who came to us in March of 2011.

Mr. and Mrs. M lived, worked and paid taxes in the United States from 2008-2010. In early 2010 both Mr. and Mrs. M moved out of the country and despite leaving a forwarding address, never received a notice from the IRS asking for supplemental documentation related to a 2008 tax return. Unfortunately more than a year passed before the taxpayers became aware of the problem and once they were informed, the IRS had moved on from their initial request for supplemental information and had both audited their return and disallowed more than $26,000 in deductions taken on their 2008 taxes. The result of the audit was a notice of deficiency for a sizable tax liability.

Now aware of their problem, Mr. and Mrs. M came to us asking how we could help. By examining the tax code, we determined that the original deductions were legitimate and we developed a tax settlement action plan. Professional tax resolution was able to request an audit re-consideration with the IRS directly. The IRS granted our request and re-opened the audit. During the re-examination period, Professional Tax Resolution Inc. was able to defend Mr. and Mrs. M successfully by providing all of the necessary documentation and evidence of the legitimate deductions in question.

In April 2011, just a few weeks after Mr. and Mrs. M hired Professional Tax Resolution; the client received final notice from the IRS that all adjustments and balances owed were reversed. No petition to the US tax court was required and a final “No Change” letter was issued closing the case.

Not only was their audit re-considered but by providing the correct paperwork and documentation, their entire liability has been eliminated. Professional tax resolution has another satisfied client and achieved an amazing 100% reduction in tax debt liability.