A Successful Offer In Compromise – $74,000 IRS Problem Settled at a 95% Discount.

In February of 2011, Professional Tax Resolution finalized an Offer in Compromise agreement for a client who had initially contacted the firm in May of 2010. The taxpayer in question had an outstanding tax liability of over $74,000 which she was unable to pay. In this particular case, the debt was a combination of unpaid taxes, interest and penalties which had accumulated over a period of ten years. After verifying that the client met the IRS Offer in Compromise eligibility requirements, our firm initiated the settlement process by filing returns for tax years 2005 through 2009 which had never been filed. Once these returns had been finalized, we had an accurate assessment of the client’s total tax debt and were able to use this amount, together with her current financial information, to calculate a reasonable settlement offer. The completed Offer in Compromise application, including supporting documentation, was submitted to the IRS in July. Because the taxpayer’s eligibility had been well documented and established IRS filing guidelines had been adhered to throughout the application process, the initial settlement offer was accepted by the IRS without argument. The end result was the successful resolution of a $74,579 tax liability for $3785, just over 5% of the original debt!

The taxpayer whose settlement case is described in the preceding paragraph is a single mother who has struggled with chronic health problems for many years. From 1999 through 2009, a series of health-related setbacks resulted in periods of unemployment and accumulating tax liabilities. The client was hospitalized in January of 2010 in response some life threatening complications resulting from her health condition. She now receives state disability and is having trouble meeting her basic financial needs. Since it was very unlikely that this taxpayer would have been able to pay the full amount of her tax debt within a reasonable period of time, she was an ideal candidate for an IRS Offer in Compromise. Outlined below are the primary components necessary to obtain a successful Offer in Compromise settlement as they pertain to this specific set of circumstances.

• The taxpayer meets one of the three eligibility criteria (doubt as to liability, doubt as to collectability, tax settlement would promote effective tax resolution) specified by the IRS.

Professional Tax resolution determined that this client would be unable to pay the balance of her outstanding tax liability and therefore met the doubt as to liability standard for eligibility.

• The taxpayer’s eligibility can be adequately documented.

Professional Tax resolution submitted documentation for the client’s medications, outpatient medical treatment, hospitalization and disability claims.

• The total amount of the tax debt is accurate based on tax returns that have been checked, submitted and refilled when necessary.

Professional Tax Resolution filed a tax return for any year where a return had not been previously submitted and checked all other past tax returns for accuracy.

• The Offer in Compromise application and the necessary supporting documentation are submitted according to IRS guidelines.

Professional Tax Resolution has experience in submitting Offer in Compromise applications and adheres strictly to the established IRS policies and procedures.
While the offer in Compromise is an effective tax settlement option for a very specific group of taxpayers such as the candidate whose case is described above, it definitely does not represent a blanket solution for anyone with an outstanding tax liability. The acceptance criteria are very explicit and, since many applications are submitted that do not meet the published IRS guidelines, the rejection rate is high. The Offer in Compromise is an excellent tax settlement option only under certain very specific conditions and when submitted using the very strict guidelines set forth by the IRS.

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