Tax Services

Settlements & Payment Plans

If you cannot pay your taxes in full, the IRS has several programs available to you. Our licensed tax experts will verify your tax liabilities and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

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IRS Installment Agreements

If your tax debt is difficult to manage, you may qualify for an installment agreement. Prior to negotiating your payment plan; our licensed tax experts will work to reduce your liability.

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Back Taxes

If you are the subject of tax collection activity due to back taxes, our licensed tax experts will stop the collection process, verify the actual amount owed, and help negotiate a tax settlement.

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IRS Offer in Compromise

Do you owe the IRS back taxes, interest, and penalties? If we determine that you meet certain criteria, an IRS Offer in Compromise could help you settle your tax debts for less than the full amount owed.

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IRS Lien Removal

If the IRS has issued a Notice of Lien against your assets, this must be addressed immediately. Our CPAs, and Enrolled Agents can help you develop a comprehensive plan and remove the lien.

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IRS Wage Garnishment

If you owe back taxes, the government may choose to garnish your wages. However, the good news is that most IRS wage garnishments and state tax levies can be removed by our experts.

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IRS Audit Defense

Did you receive an IRS audit notice? Although audits can be intimidating, proper representation can result in a favorable outcome. Our audit representation team includes a former IRS auditor.

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Amended Returns

Did you make an error on a previous tax return? Missed deductions and tax credits can increase your tax liability! Our team of licensed tax experts can amend your tax returns within three years.

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Abatement of Penalties

Have you accrued penalties in the form of interest and other fees by missing a tax deadline or failing to pay your taxes? Our licensed tax experts can help you find the best tax solution.

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IRS Debt Forgiveness

If a bank forecloses on your home or approves a short sale, the IRS considers the forgiven debt as a taxable net gain. However, our licensed tax experts can oftentimes negotiate an income exemption on your behalf.

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Innocent Spouse Relief

Do you have tax debt due to your spouse claiming improper deductions or failing to report income? If your tax liability meets certain requirements, you may be eligible for Innocent Spouse Relief.

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Notice of Deficiency

Did you receive an IRS Notice of Deficiency or a State Notice? It is vitally important that a proper response is crafted to avoid future wage garnishments, tax liens, and other penalties. We can help.

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Tax Preparation & Planning

Our on-site staff is made up of tax consultants, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents. Whether you need strategic advice, estate with a normal filing or return, we can help.

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